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Investment Management with ADP
ADP Strategic Plan Services will take on the burden of fiduciary investment management for you.

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Make the most of your business’ retirement plan.

With ADP Strategic Plan Services (SPS), you can rely on us to provide investment services that are designed to fit the needs of your plan and mitigate the risk from managing fiduciary obligations to offering a diversified fund menu.

Being a plan fiduciary comes with the legal responsibilityof making investment choices for your plan. This important task is critical to your plan’s success and your employees’ retirement readiness.

ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC (SPS) takes on this role for you — providing carefully selected fund lineups and monitoring the performance of your plan’s investment options in the best interest of the plan.

Investment Management Services For Your Plan

When it comes to investment selection and monitoring, SPS can help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities. We provide fiduciary investment management services under Section 3(38) of ERISA to help you manage the risk and challenges associated with investment monitoring and selection.

With SPS you get the investment oversight and experience your plan needs. We act as the investment manager for your plan and assume full investment discretion for selecting, monitoring, and if necessary, replacing investment options in your plan’s lineup.

Investment Fiduciary Services

SPS helps take the complexity out of plan investment selection and oversight by:

  •  Building investment lineups based on the investment tier and guideline that you select
  •  Monitoring the investment lineup and, if necessary, replacing and/or removing any funds
    that do not meet its criteria

  •  Determining mapping strategies for transfers from existing to new investment funds

ADP Strategic Plan Services can help ease
the fiduciary burden
of selecting and monitoring
your plan’s investment lineup.

Protection from Fiduciary Risk

When it comes to selecting plan investment options, you have a legal responsibility to follow the fiduciary standards outlined in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This is a high standard that requires certain levels of expertise in areas like investment selection and monitoring, among others.

Hiring SPS as your investment manager also reduces the risks associated with certain third-party, ERISA-related lawsuits pertaining to investment selection and monitoring. In FY ‘18, the EBSA recovered $1.6 billion for the benefit of plans, participants, and beneficiaries.1 This included:

$807.7 million
from over 1,700
civil investigations1

$443.2 million from
resolving informal
participant complaints1

ADP Strategic Plan Services FAQs

  • What is ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC?

    • What is ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC?

      ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC is an affiliate of ADP, Inc. (ADP) and a separate, indirect subsidiary of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. that provides fiduciary investment management services including the analysis, selection, monitoring, and if necessary, replacement of investment options on behalf of employer-sponsored retirement plans.

  • Why was ADP Strategic Plan Services created?

    • Why was ADP Strategic Plan Services created?

      ADP is changing the way it delivers retirement planning services in light of the investment advice regulation issued by the United States Department of Labor (DOL) on April 6, 2016.

      This regulation specifies that anyone providing recommendations or advice related to investments to retirement plans that are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a fiduciary.

      To continue to service our clients' plan investment needs, we created ADP Strategic Plan Services – an SEC-registered investment advisory firm - to provide investment management, advisory, and oversight.

      This new offering will enhance the services ADP makes available to retirement plan recordkeeping clients.

  • What happens if I do nothing or elect not to use ADP Strategic Plan Services?

    • What happens if I do nothing or elect not to use ADP Strategic Plan Services?

      ADP Strategic Plan Services is committed to providing our defined contribution retirement plan clients with investment services that help them better manage their investment fiduciary obligations, gain access to a diverse groups of funds, and offer plan participants a diversified fund menu.

      We are focused on contributing toward your participants retirement readiness. Our objective is to help you design an investment menu that fits the investing needs of your plan and its participants.

  • How are the investment fund lineups available through ADP Strategic Plan Services developed?

    • How are the investment lineups available through ADP Strategic Plan Services developed?

      For clients electing investment management services provided by SPS, ADP’s investment platform is divided into “Tiers.” Tiers consist of investment options that make payments to ADP or its affiliates other than SPS within a set range of compensation, in the form of 12b-1 fees, shareholder servicing fees, or similar fees. ADP takes this compensation into account in setting its fees for recordkeeping services. Your selection of a Tier thus is a decision about some or all of the compensation to be received by ADP in connection with its services to your plan. You then choose from among up to four standardized investment guidelines that SPS can use to manage your plan, each of which is designed for the needs of differing plan participant demographics. You choose the investment guideline that best fits your plan.

      The SPS team of investment professionals uses an unbiased, rigorous process to screen broad range of investment options.

      Once the investment options are carefully vetted, the team assembles a standardized investment lineup for each guideline within each Tier. Each investment guideline includes a diverse range of asset classes.

  1. 1. EBSA Fact Sheet “EBSA restores Over $1.1 Billion to Employee Benefit Plans, Participants and Beneficiaries”